Week Fifteen

Well kids, its been a good run but ive finally finished what i needed to finish. with a 24 work day under my belt i can now say that i really want to go into animation, sleep is for losers anyway. i had a great time in this class and really learned a lot. So with my great pleasure i present to you Pajamas. 



Week Fourteen

Its one week before presentation week and i am stressing! I have a lot of work ahead of me so lab hours are crucial. Ive been staying til closing but it always doesnt seem like enough time. To make myself feel like the amount of work im doing is nothing i saw this behind the scenes clip of paranorman. Its ridiculous how much work goes into stop motion. I think im doing chump work compared to these guys.


Week Thirteen

Im starting to get nervous about the completion of my animation and one issue ive encountered is the sizing of his body. After a while of drawing frame after frame, for some reason my monkey’s body would increasingly get smaller. Ive fixed the current frames by editing multiples and enlarging but it takes production time away when trying to size everything up. Ive fixed future issues by placing grid markers where the top and floor should be and i think its sucessful. 

Week Twelve

OOOO boy its crunch time. Ive actually missed this lab week so im kind of in a jam, but lukily the campus has lab hours i can spend. Ive started to become a usual and the tech office does not even ask for my name anymore. “Headphones and Drawing Tablet please, il return them in a few hours”.

Week Eleven

Deadline is coming up and the animation is going well. i still have not finished the entire animation but a few scences are fully colored and completed. This link is to a 3d animation i thought was cool. Im a sucker for superheroes and ive watched all the others leading up to this one. what i like about this animation is that is shows the importance of camera angles. They really add to the move.